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Beloved Lift opens its new location to anxiously awaiting hearts

The revamped coffee house surpasses the expectations of its customers.  |  Photo Courtesy of 


Coffee as a remedy for the fatigue and sleepiness of the everyday college student remains a tale as old as time. Whether it be the necessary fuel for those tiresome night classes or just the simple and mundane midterm study session, coffee acts as a helpful and necessary companion for most. But then a second part of the equation comes into play. Often, students desire more than just coffee, because alongside coffee, most hope for a lovely little locale to drink it, a cozy nook to study one’s heart away. Not only a place apt for feeling at home away from campus but also a place free of distractions—at least somewhat. A place like this seems hard to find, but look no further than Lift Coffee Roasters in Whittier.

Local Artistry

Lift Coffee has had a location in Whittier for quite some time. Last fall they decided to close down shop, disappointing many faithful customers who adored everything about it, but alas, Lift is back and better than ever. Moving their location a few blocks down the street, the coffee house now sits on the corner of Greenleaf Avenue and Bailey Avenue. On the outside of the shop stand innovative walls that showcase the work of local artists, perfect for your next Instagram posting.

Upon entering, the ambiance of surfin U.S.A. hits you like a ton of rocks. Wooden panels, modern wall art and urban light fixtures come together to form a fantastic environment for both basking in style and getting down to the nitty-gritty homework spilling out of your backpack. The new location has plenty of room for a hefty student population to sit and drink their stresses away, as opposed to many of the other coffee shops in the area, which albeit cute, lack the necessary room. Lift provides couches, tables and chairs to maximize their space.

Contemporary Aesthetic

Whittier’s newest coffee addition has the vibe for more than just studying as well. Lift’s contemporary but chic look makes for an excellent space for meetings, dates and boundless conversation. Live music and even stand-up comedy routines take place on certain dates at Lift. On top of that, Lift makes an effort to promote artists from all walks of life by hanging their art on the walls.

Because Lift’s look presents itself in such a beautiful and sleek way, personalities of every variety can find something enjoyable for themselves. So, whether boundless studying remains or a new friendship happens to be brewing in your life, stop in and make use of this new and brilliant coffee house. Set foot into a place filled with delicious coffee, tea, merchandise and friendly baristas eager to help you with your beverage, and most of all, enjoy.  


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