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Remember God’s sovereignty with this playlist

It’s that time of year again, when the semester quickly starts to dwindle into a series of stressful events ranging from term papers to cumulative finals. Students begin the process of pulling out their hair, while repeatedly refilling their coffee cups in desperate need of that caffeine aid. This season does not present a calm or collected atmosphere, but being in a place with so many believers provides a nice solution. Spend some of this time taking a few mental breaks with friends who can help you power through, but most importantly lean on our Lord, the one who can really get us through these temporary trials. So here’s a carefully curated playlist of positive and redeeming songs to make this season a little more durable.

1.  So Will I (100 Billion X)” – Hillsong United

This song uses imagery in the most charming and truly heartwarming way. We all know that Hillsong has proved themselves as a powerhouse of glorious songwriting, but this specific track will hopefully help heal open wounds in a gratifying fashion.

2.  Unstoppable God” – Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship comes together in this groovy, Jesus-praising slap. Their message sings of the Lord’s mighty sovereignty, expressing that no obstacle, no matter the size, can stand in his way. He holds us in the palm of his hand.

3.   “Reign In Us” – Starfield

This underrated group has released a track worthy of every ear. A truly vulnerable cry out to God that will probably ring very true in the midst of that terrifying paper that lies ahead, their passion shines brightly in a chorus that can’t help but stir a smile.

4.  Run Free” – Jon Foreman

Many a Biola student has a much-devoted heart to the beloved Christian rock band Switchfoot, but not everyone seems familiar with the lead singer’s solo projects. In “Run Free,” Foreman illustrates a delightfully lighthearted summer tune, accentuated by gorgeous percussion and violin riffs.

5.  Pieces” – Amanda Cook

As Cook’s impressively angelic voice belts this tune out, one cannot help but sing along just as whole-heartedly. She croons of God’s selfless love, specifying the boundlessness of it in a way that leaves your skin tingling with emotion.

6.  The Stand” – Hillsong United

Hillsong makes it onto this playlist a second time with their early 2000s hit. The Australian group created such a beautiful song, allowing fellow Christians to join in on the worship of our God through the acknowledgement of our small insignificance without his massive power.

7.  139” – King’s Kaleidoscope

“King’s K” can almost be aptly named Biola’s mascot, having graced us with their incredible talent at Missions Conference three years in a row. The insanely brilliant musicians sing with so much soul it’s almost overwhelming, and in this original hit of theirs we feel that as the audience. A song truly perfect for basking in God’s grace.

8.   “Spirit Break Out” – Kim Walker-Smith

In this magnificent tune, we hear the raw beauty that is Walker-Smith’s voice through a song that will get you praising his name on high. With lyrics so candidly frank and vulnerable, Smith brings it home in the ultimate worship hit.

9.   “Common Love” – For All Seasons

Former chapel band and current alumni For All Seasons recently debuted their first full album of wondrous music. “Common Love” conjoins electronic synthy undertones with life-breathed lyricism to bring unanimous glory to the King of Kings.

10.  With You” Jonathan Ogden

British influencer Jonathan Ogden dawns his amazing, fine-tuned talent in “With You.” The singer has set out to dominate original project after original project with one thread sewn throughout them all, his goal to bring recognition to God.  

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