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Events raise awareness of abortion

The Sanctity of Life club raises awareness on abortion through a film showing and a visual display on Metzger Lawn of the daily number of abortions. | Molli Kaptein/THE CHIMES


The Sanctity of Life club showed “The Giver” on Tuesday evening, a film which includes pro-life elements even though it does not center specifically around abortion. Following the showing, the club engaged students in a discussion about the film’s message and pro-life themes.

Legal Doesn't Mean Morally Correct

In the movie, certain rules are impressed upon the society that the people believe to be correct. After seeing the movie, senior history major Alicia Castellaccio said that the club hoped that students understood the commonness of abortion in society and how people do not believe it is wrong because it is legal.

“It was something that happened in their society in accordance to their rules, but it didn’t make that okay, so we wanted students to see that connection in the movie and to see that in our society today with our laws that allow abortion and how that really is not okay,” Castellaccio said.

Further Demonstration

The club displayed 3,315 orange flags on Metzger lawn on Wednesday, each one representing the life of a child aborted each day in the United States. Club vice president and senior history major Marjorie Fischer said they hoped the display would help students realize the large number of lives being taken.

“We hope that students just realize how large, how devastating abortion is by being able to visually see how many happen every single day and to know that is not something that is just in the back room, but is a major thing that is happening every single day in our world,” Fischer said.

In addition to the flags, posters were displayed that included names of pregnancy clinics and pro-life websites, such as The posters also included resources for pregnant students from any college campus and provided names of support groups available through organizations such as Grace Evangelical Free church and Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic.

The Importance of Information

The club leaders recognize that abortion is a prevalent issue that will never completely go away. However, they hope to educate students on ways they can raise awareness of abortion and help them realize they can make a difference in the world by becoming informed on the issue.

“Our goal is that everyone can do something. No matter how big or how little it is, do something to impact the world for God so we can hopefully just be a huge change in the nation,” Castellaccio said.

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