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Rebranding Associated Students

Effective fall 2015, Associated Students will separate into two organizations. The government and event planning branches will no longer be under the umbrella title of Associated Students, but will rather be known as Student Government Association and Student Planning and Activities.

Although SPA will be considered a department of Student Development, students will continue to plan events such as Mock Rock and Midnight Madness, utilizing the student fee alongside SGA, said Anders Corey, vice president of AS Marketing and Communications.

“The decision to create these two separate offices was made by Student Development after months of careful consideration. The process included an extensive study of best practices within higher education and CCCU institutions, along with consultation with university administration,” said Laura Igram-Edwards, Director of Student Programming and Activities/AS Advisor.

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  1. Josh Kristianto

    WHATTT November 24, 2014

  2. Josh Kristianto

    this is like a HUGE story! AS was only known for their event planning stuff; the new SGA will be even more obscure now...

    Also this article repeats itself, which is kind of weird. November 24, 2014

  3. Cami Cress

    This is really disappointing to hear. Over the last ten years, I've watched firsthand or heard about different aspects of AS being plucked out and placed under the control of various university administration departments. It started with The Chimes and The Biolan. We joked that was a "slippery slope." Then the AS Chapel board chair got moved when Ron Hafer retired and chapel programs were restructured. Slippery slope, indeed.

    This article says that the decision was made by Student Development. Were students involved? What about the AS Constitution? Are these changes being made in accordance with what the constitution stipulates, or is it a forced change? These are actual questions I have, not accusations.

    Regarding the line about how other CCCU schools were looked at: In my time at Biola, we had a student government from another college visit and look at our A.S. as a model for their student government. Being different was a good thing back then.

    The article states, "SPA will be considered a department of Student Development." Does that mean Student Development will control that part of the student fee? It used to be that the students wholly chose the use of the student fee (shared with SMU) through the senate. Now it seems that less and less of the student fee is being apportioned by students.

    What I so appreciated about Biola's AS when I first got involved was the trust that the university administration had in the organization and the amazing opportunities it gave students to get experiences on par with those in real-world businesses and government. Students were given real chances to try and fail and to learn from failures in a safe environment. I know it wasn't perfect and I know not everyone who worked in AS had as good of an experience as I did. The things I got to do in AS and because of AS were amazing, and the lessons I learned will be useful all of my life.

    I have this feeling that the reaction of the student body to this was/will be, "Oh, okay." And they'll go on with their lives. Part of why it pains me is the oh-so-true phrase, "You don't know what you've got until it's gone." My experience there is over and I miss it. The students there now won't know what they're going to miss this until it, or they, are gone.

    With all these changes, it sounds like SGA and SPA have the potential to be very watered down versions of what AS used to be. And that is what I find to be so very disappointing. I sure hope I'm proven wrong.

    Cami Cress
    AS Senior VP, 2008-2009
    AS Senator, 2006-2008
    November 25, 2014

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