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Half Off Books proves to be more than just a book store

Half Off Books buys back books, including text books. | Amber Amaya/THE CHIMES

This week we explored Half Off Books Records Films, which is located on Greenleaf Avenue in Whittier. This bookstore is only 15 minutes away from Biola and has to be the best destination we have yet to visit.

Quality books at a bargain price

Upon entering the bookstore we first noticed the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that lined the walls. Two large couches and a coffee table are located in the middle of the store, and art is displayed everywhere. All the warm and inviting elements of the store make it the perfect place to get lost in a book for hours.

Half Off Books has a large variety of books, records, magazines and movies to choose from. They have numerous genres in the store, from world travel books to manga to children’s books. We were really impressed by the collection of old records and especially the collection of old Time magazines perfectly packaged and priced around $5.

Location adds charm

The location of Half Off Books makes the little store even more appealing. Located in Uptown Whittier, the store is within walking distance of several cafes, diners and other quaint shops. Uptown’s 1950s feel perfectly compliments the bookstore and makes a day trip to Whittier well worth it.

Perfect for a study group

Besides being a great bookstore, Half Off is a student and youth-friendly establishment. They encourage students to have study sessions, provide free Wi-Fi and even buy back textbooks. Keenan Roark and his aunt Diane Cox opened the store in the beginning of this year and have since then pushed to have more youth-friendly events, including book clubs and poetry nights throughout the week.

Overall we loved this bookstore, and in fact, we don’t have any cons for this review. So in short, just go visit the bookstore; grab a coffee and curl up on the couch with your favorite book. We give Half Off Books five out of five stars for its amazing collection of books and its location in charming Whittier.

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  1. barbara stoneburner

    I recently discovered this wonderful place! I only wish we had a bookstore in my community. We currently have no bookstore in the Zanesville area, which is awful! I love books! May 31, 2012

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