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Senators debate constitutional changes

Four amendments discussed in senate meeting.  |  Courtesy of Biola SGA


The Student Government Association discussed their constitution, including proposals and voting on changes to the constitution.  

SGA president Gregory Ambrose began the conversation by distinguishing between what belongs in the constitution and in the bylaws: broad objectives and logistical aspects, respectively. Ambrose also shared several options for changing election practices in relation to presidential and vice presidential campaign spending, including removing the spending limit, subsidizing campaigns and having a finance freeze.

Hope senator Chris Sandino also presented parliamentary procedure options, ranging from relaxed to strict. The first option would include the vice president gravelling at the beginning and end of each senate meeting, doing a roll call vote and adding a time limit for debate during voting. Option two includes the previous changes as well as asking questions through the vice president rather than directly to other senators. The last option would require each senate member to use the formal title, such as “Madam President,” of the member they are speaking to. The second two options would require a parliamentarian who knows the rules of the senate.


Ambrose proposed for a constitutional amendment to Article XI section two to change the unanimity clause on constitutional amendments to a two-thirds vote instead of a unanimous vote.

SGA intern Seth Gladysz proposed for several constitutional amendments to add periods.

Gladysz also proposed for a constitutional amendment to remove a conjunction.

Ambrose proposed for a bylaw amendment to change the “elections handbook” to “elections manual” in several instances.


After voting to have a same day vote, Ambrose’s amendment was denied with a vote of 11-0-0. Senators were concerned with senators teaming up and stopping a vote in the future. After changing the clause to a three-fourths vote, Ambrose’s proposal passed with a vote of 11-0-0 after a vote to have a same day vote.

Gladysz’s punctuation proposal passed with a vote of 11-0-0 after senators voted to have a same day vote.

After voting to have a same day vote, Ambrose’s bylaw amendment was passed with a vote of 11-0-0.


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