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Belle and Sebastian provides an authentic look into the human condition

Look into one of the most refreshingly authentic EPs of the new year.  |  Photo Courtesy of


Belle and Sebastian have become a prominent household name buried within the indie alternative music realm. The group consists of seven members who each play several instruments ranging from bass, violin to flute, showcasing the impressive talent amongst them. The Scottish band formed in 1996 and have built an impressive portfolio of nine albums. Their most recent project consists of three EPs released this past December, January and the most recent release on Feb. 16 called “How To Solve Our Human Problems.


Lead singer and songwriter, Stuart Murdoch openly expresses his opinions about the importance of addressing problems having to do with race, mental illness and disillusionment. Hoping to shed light on those often under-voiced subjects, he set out to begin this new blueprint of an EP. This third installment of the series only entails five songs but spans 20 minutes, which makes “How To Solve Our Human Problems” the perfect companion for your next Target run.

Belle and Sebastian open the EP with a song titled “Poor Boy.” The group expertly chose this tune to set the scene for the rest of the project seeing as it does a swell job of encompassing both the heavy subjects of overthinking and lacking self-worth. But alongside the lyrical importance, the musical instrumentation also brings forth feelings of light-hearted happiness which makes the song aptly perfect. Their second soft anthem called “Everything is Now” speaks of the concept of missed opportunities and how that guilty feeling can eat away at one’s inner core. This song sings of a beautifully tortured facet of the human condition in a way that reminisces “The Beatles.”

Too Many Tears” happens to be the third little gem on the EP. In this fun but deep ballad, Belle and Sebastian pose a commentary on the experience of choosing the wrong person within the confines of romance. The singers handle the subject in a gorgeously story like manner that makes the listening experience incredibly enjoyable. For the fourth song, “There Is An Everlasting Song,” the band addresses the infinite feelings of sadness, happiness and discontent found within life. Like the rest of their songs, this one gives voice to authentic sentiments felt inside humans.


Last but not least, their fifth song “Best Friend” rounds out the project in a similar way that it began. “Poor Boy” and “Best Friend” can be held somewhat parallel to each other as they both illustrate the beauty of the human soul with a groovy flair, evocative of The Cranberries. Not to mention their harmonies in this tune can impress even the most jaded of critics.

Belle and Sebastian have found enough success to upkeep their band’s livelihood for over 20 years now. Their lyrics are gorgeously vulnerable and telling of what each of the band members feel deep down inside themselves. If you are looking for a new group who will stretch the depths of your mind, please look no further than these Scottish cuties.


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