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The Wombats dazzle with their witty lyrics

British band's latest LP leaves your brain spinning with their authenticity.  |  Photo Courtesy of


The Wombats are a fantastically British indie rock band that hails from Liverpool, England. Having sold 1 million copies worldwide, their authentically cheeky feel has reached hearts everywhere, making them thud a little faster as they dance to the merry beat. Something about their sound brings about a happier mood, along with some exercise for your brain seeing as their lyrics are nothing but witty and thought provoking. Each of their past albums can be labeled as a gem for its own merit. Now there comes about a new gem for all to enjoy, their fourth album to date, “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life,” which was released on Feb. 9.

Lyrical Magic

With this new added piece to the Wombats musical library, fans will undoubtedly be impressed as their special kind of music making remains more alive than ever. Songs like “Lemon To A Knife Fight” and “I Only Wear Black” bring about the nostalgic feeling of their deeply original lyrical magic. Not only that, but they evoke a sense of humor that music often lacks through sincerely hilarious little quips of wording that will have you with eyes crinkled by the end of the song.

However, these songs make you do more than just smile and laugh. The Wombats force you to observe their lyrics that flow like tuned poetry. The diction of songs like “I Don’t Know Why I Like You but I Do” and “White Eyes” somehow have the power of making you listen to their story even in the midst of the flagrant distractions of everyday life. The hooks of these songs prove too enticing to not allow your ears to perk up. The chorus of “White Eyes” rings, “My white eyes don’t care about the opening lines // no matter how hard I try // I need you the most // I need you the most.”

Dance Party

Then they also make room for some straight up dance anthems that may remind you of bands like the 1975 or even Two Door Cinema Club. Lead singer Matthew Murphy has an excellent voice that blends with soft and tender melodies, but also pairs swimmingly with an upbeat rhythm like the ones noted in “Turn” and “Cheetah Tongue.” Do not even fret for a moment though, as these songs do not detract from their perfect one liners like, “My hands shake like jellyfish when you are near.”

The two slaps I would like to highlight off of this dazzling record would have to be “Out Of My Head” and “Lethal Combination.” “Out Of My Head” paints a picture about the difficulty of overthinking and the inner turmoil that causes within a person’s mind. “Lethal Combination” tells the endearing story of a couple who may not be the most traditional pair around but somehow cannot find themselves anywhere but within each other’s arms. Both songs have a brilliant storytelling aspect that any listener can appreciate—fan or not.

Overall, the Wombats have produced an album with elements that remain very reminiscent of their past music, but have also innovatively added a modern dance spin on the project. If you see yourself enjoying a cute British accent or the furthering of your mind through song, go ahead and check out this splendid album—it will be a great time. I can guarantee that.


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