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Some relevant yet surprising 2018 trends

Look into what this spring season has to offer the fashion world​.  |  Photo Courtesy of


Humans are funny creatures—often thinking neither their environment nor outside influences will impact them. Although this seems like a nice, idealistic thought, it does not reflect the reality that we live in. People cannot help but be changed and affected by what surrounds them one way or another, which embodies the very definition of a trend. Trends come to fruition when a group of people begin to participate in or wear specific things, so take a look at three trends developing within our fashion world this spring.

Keeping It Classy In America

America remains a nation that constantly makes itself patriotic. Whether this be the reason behind this spring trend, or a peculiar fascination with the hues of red, white and blue, the American flag continues to make its way into clothes across the country. The trend exists not only for our national holiday, but now our beloved flag finds itself printed onto accessories like purses and bandanas, as well as interesting maxi skirts and biker jackets. Maybe fellow fashionistas get a little antsy about how far away fourth of July appears, or maybe people’s love for this country can no longer hide in their hearts.

'90s Fever

Something about this current era has got 90s music flowing through our veins, and into the contemporary fashion scene. From vibrant color pairings, to the scrunchies holding up high ponytails, some might think we have taken a trip back down memory lane to the “Saved by the Bell” days. But the pinpointed trend now showing up from this decade seems to be the windbreaker. Perfect for both men and women, windbreakers have become the essential to complete any outfit needing a little extra life breathed into it. Expect to see windbreakers of neon colors and dynamic patterns.

Sophisticated Jeans

Denim has been a staple of every kind of closet for several decades now, a fabric encompassing practicality, warmth and style. Throughout the years, denim has developed in different ways, but now denim finds itself in the hands of something more avant-garde. This spring, jeans are taking a totally new turn. Designers have spiced things up by making jeans very high end and elegant, with things like intricate stitching and even some bedazzling. Although some might find both of these things tacky, when paired with the right kind of top and shoes, those jeans can stand out like never before.

This guide provides just a small taste of what the spring beholds within the realm of fashion. Some of these trends can appear pretty loud, but done in the right manner they can definitely have a subtle potential. So peruse those around you, check out if these trends hold true, maybe even in your own closets. If not, think about the possibility of adapting these looks for yourself.


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