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Exploring Buffalo Exchange one bargain at a time

An insider’s look on what this thrifty store has to offer.  |  Victoria Silva / THE CHIMES


Many may have heard of the famous tourist stops of Fullerton, like Dripp Coffee and Burger Parlour, but maybe not Buffalo Exchange. Located in cities throughout the country, it has tons to locations in California as well. The closest one to campus would be the fantastic hole-in-the-wall location right in the heart of Fullerton.

Their use of the word “exchange” in store branding sits there for a special reason, and by no accident. They pose as a thrift store, but are far more interesting than that. This store verbalizes the meaning behind their name as they allow for “trades” as part of their retail.

The trade works in this way: you bring in your clothes and instead of receiving cash or a discount, you receive the opportunity to gather items to equal the same amount that your clothing was worth. If nothing catches the eye, then you will receive a card that has no expiration date for you to try again next time at any Buffalo Exchange. This concept proves fun, innovative and different than your normal everyday thrifting experience.

Not to mention, Buffalo Exchange has a wide array of styles to offer the anxiously awaiting shopper. Items range from 80s inspired quality jackets, to modern streetwear similar to the likes of H&M and TopShop, to vintage jellies. Upon walking in, it can seem fairly overwhelming as there appears to be too much to conquer in one shopping trip.

So take it slow, spend some time on their exciting and sometimes eccentric shoe options, and check out the velvet high heel boots or the satin loafers with pastel stitching. Maybe after that, peruse the wide variety of dresses from ones adorned with lively patterns to more high fashion party dresses draped in sequins and glitter. Not only does this thrift store provide both men and women’s fashions, they also do not lack in the accessories department. They have an entire wall chock full of hats and throughout the rest of the store one can find things like belts, purses, and jewelry.

Buffalo Exchange may be a little pricier than Savers and Salvation Army, but there still remain lots of bargains for shoppers to stumble upon in this little, trendy nook. Fullerton always seems to provide a more than pleasant experience whether that be dining or shopping, but Buffalo Exchange gives the perfect opportunity for fashion and savings to come together. So if the mall is becoming overwhelmingly mundane, make a pit stop at the local Buffalo Exchange and discover some of the thriftiest finds.

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