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Blackstone Cafe exceeds expectations

New eatery on campus attracts breakfast-lovers and foodies alike. | Johnathan Burkhardt/THE CHIMES



Breakfast for dinner – what more could college students ask for? Blackstone Hall opened its doors to residents this fall and brought with it a new eatery, Blackstone Café. This is the first dining facility located inside of a residence hall and the latest addition that has students talking.

The café gives off a modern, energy-filled vibe with its wood floors and bright orange and green décor. Although the seating area is not as big as that in The Eagle’s Nest, it offers a comfortable area for students to work on homework or eat together. There are several tables to choose from, as well as cozy couches with coffee tables.

The best part of the café is the new Bon Appetit menu items. Although they offer plenty of on-the-go snacks and a coffee house menu similar to Common Grounds, they focus on serving breakfast-type foods all day. Some of their unique food items include chicken & waffle sandwiches, loaded breakfast burritos and dessert waffles. Their menu items are sure to satisfy any breakfast-lover’s appetite and they use fresh ingredients.

Cordon Blue Sandwich – $4.50

Grilled chicken, Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese on a bun topped with fresh lettuce, onion and tomatoes offers a well-rounded experience for your palate. Even though the chicken is crispy instead of the advertised grilled-style, as a whole, the sandwich has good flavor. It holds true to the classic taste of the Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese combination.

Steak and Egg Sandwich – $5.25

The popular pairing of steak and eggs is a more hearty breakfast option and includes cheese, tomato, lettuce, peppers and mayo. I tried on a waffle instead of a normal sandwich bun and would recommend the waffle remain an inseparable team with the chicken as this sandwich would have been better with a normal bun. The steak was a bit dry and lacked seasoning, but the sandwich flavor as a whole was complete with some syrup and one of the many hot sauces available such as Tapatio, Sriracha or Tabasco.

Blackstone Breakfast Burger – $5.25

As far as breakfast flavor combinations go, this was the clear winner. It is hard to go wrong with a burger patty, a sausage patty, double cheese, bacon, a fried egg, tomato, lettuce, onion and mayo on a bun. This unique burger combines all of the breakfast favorites into one and is packed with rich and salty flavor. The only addition I would recommend is a bit of syrup added to the mix for the sweet tooth or Tapatio for an extra punch of spice.

Belgian Crème Brulee Waffle – $2.75

When it comes to dessert, it might be a toss up between the Belgian crème brulee and the Belgian chocolate. However, I am convinced the two mini-waffles topped with crème brulee and strawberries was the right choice. This tasty treat was neither too sweet nor too big of a portion size. This dessert-style breakfast item will satisfy a sugar craving or suffice as a pick-me-up for that late night studying.

Blackstone Café participates in meal exchange and offers Tapingo services for students on the go.

The hours of the cafe are Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Fridays 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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