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Sigma Hall residents receive compensation for construction noise

Residents of Sigma hall meet on Monday afternoon with senior director of auxiliary services Don Sims and senior director of facilities management Brian Phillips regarding the noise disturbance they have faced due to the construction of the new dorm. Students affected by the noise received compensation for the inconvenience. | Aaron Fooks/THE CHIMES


About 20 students gathered in Sigma Hall’s second floor lobby to discuss their concerns arising from construction of the new dorm, North Hall, on late Monday afternoon. Senior director of Auxiliary Services Don Sims and senior director of facilities management Brian Phillips, both of whom are involved with construction planning, listened to Sigma residents express their frustration with the noisiness of the construction equipment.

“The whole room would even rattle when we have construction, especially with the jackhammering … so it wasn’t even that I couldn’t sleep, it was that I couldn’t even be in my room because I wasn’t able to do anything,” said freshman computer science major Jonathan Schaumloeffel.


Sigma residents with room windows facing the construction site will be credited with a $150 housing refund, according to Sims during the open forum meeting.

In addition to the refund, the daily start of construction work was adjusted from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., starting on May 5. This policy was implemented by Phillips to provide residents with two more hours of quiet in the morning. The amended work schedule will remain in effect until a planned 32-inch-thick acoustic sound wall is constructed between Sigma and the construction site, said Phillips.

“We are doing our best to minimize the impact [of the construction] in ways that will not jeopardize the scheduled completion date of the [North Hall] project,” Phillips added through email.

Construction workers were originally slated to build the sound wall before any construction for North Hall began. However, a prolonged plan check process by the County of Los Angeles prevented the sound wall from being built, Phillips said.

Biola gave a similar housing refund of up to $450 to students whose rooms in Alpha and Horton were located within the Lot K parking structure construction zone.


Senior anthropology major Tanner Michels, who said the construction woke him up at 7:30 a.m. almost daily, posted videos on Sigma’s 2013-2014 Facebook page, illustrating his typical morning experience with the construction.

“I decided to make comedic videos that would show, in a satire type of way, the ridiculousness of the construction being probably five feet from my window,” he said.

Michels also encouraged Sigma residents to voice their concerns and frustrations about the construction noise through Facebook, asking residents to help him picket outside of Metzger. Post-commenters also considered drafting a petition asking for compensation.


Before a petition could be submitted, sophomore psychology major Brianna Wong, Sigma’s AS Senator for 2013-2014, announced on Sigma’s Facebook page that she emailed the concerns of Sigma residents to the proper authorities and that she would like to act as the “filter” for residents’ interests toward facilities managers.  

“I felt that it was my job to at least fight for what people in my dorm wanted. I presented [to the facilities managers] that Horton and Alpha received a refund, and so if it was at all possible, out of their grace, if they would hit Sigma with a refund too,” Wong said.

A few days later, Wong reported on Facebook that Sigma residents would receive a housing refund in their student accounts. Residents reacted enthusiastically to the news and praised Wong for her efforts.

Michels, however, believes the collective voice of Sigma residents prompted the authorities to respond.

“We know that we were heard, and that’s honestly what I feel is most important; that Biola actually took the time to listen to us, to hear us out, and then to actually act upon it,” Michels said.

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  1. Josh Kristianto

    Hmm..interesting. May 14, 2014

  2. Anon

    They signed up for housing in Sigma with the information that construction would begin this semester out in the public and thus they had ample opportunity to know that this was going to happen. The fact that they did not take it into consideration is their own fault. I know it's harsh but welcome to the real world , construction happens and not everything is positioned around your sleep schedule/life. May 14, 2014

  3. What about us?

    Hey, those of us in Sigma that put up with the parking lot construction - those that faced the street should be compensated as well. Our street was where all the equipment came in and they stored a lot of noisy equipment. Barely slept the whole time. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think it's discrimination against us good looking, smart students...... May 14, 2014

  4. Sarcastic scumbag

    Anon must be a poor dude that didn't get his dorm pick for next year. Real world must have been too hard on Anon.
    Oh wait, it seemed that some of the quotes from this article are from freshmen. I forgot that incoming freshmen get to choose their dorms. Hmmm and perhaps there are also those who move into sigma with no other choice. Wasn't thinking because brain I have resembles watery oatmeal. May 15, 2014

  5. Margaret Hart

    You little whippersnappers! When I was RD in the 60's, Biola girls had to wear skits on campus, had a 10 pm in-hour on weekdays, and would be expelled sor saying "Crap". You Sigma wussies don't know how hard life is!

    That's not even to mention the $150 could buy a late model used Lexus with that and have enough left over for some Christian Dior dancing shoes.

    Did you hear me say "dancing"? Yes...and therein lies the best solution that any of my deceased Biola-grad friends can come up with:
    Forget the 150 and allow all Sigma residents facing the war zone to drink, smoke, and dance in their rooms. Those on the other side would be required to abide by the anti-sin contract but they would be allowed to make out in the lobby...oh, woops...they already do that.


    May 16, 2014

  6. Holy Mole-y

    Margaret said Crap....hehe...hehe..... May 16, 2014

  7. Sigma Resident

    To "Anon," WE signed up for sigma, the side facing that parking lot in particular, because the construction was not supposed to start until after we were out of school. Furthermore, since the construction did begin sooner rather than later, there was supposed to be a sound barrier wall put up to lessen the inconvenience of the horrendous construction noise. Hence why we are so upset about the inconvenience of the construction and why we wanted compensation, and rightfully deserved it. So, unless you live in Sigma, I suggest you check all your facts before you judge. May 21, 2014

  8. Emanuel Harris

    I can imagine how stressful that could have been. At least they were given something for those students losing sleep. July 3, 2018

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