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Comeback Kid returns with fourth studio album, captures live show

Comeback Kid's album "Die Knowing" maintains signature style while introducing a cleaner sound.

Comeback Kid, initially a Canadian newspaper hockey headline, is now recognized as the moniker of a long-standing hardcore band. Since their inception in 2000, they have toured extensively and put out multiple albums and EPs. Their sound has matured and developed alongside their dedicated following. Their new album “Die Knowing” maintains their signature style while introducing a cleaner, more produced sound.


The title track begins with slow and steady chugging guitar, increasing in intensity before transitioning into the fast-paced and grating “Lower the Line.” Catchy riffs and rhythmically solid guitar work set up a solid foundation for the album. The vocals are strikingly heavier and harsher than past releases. This could be due in part to an improvement in recording quality from their last album “Symptoms + Cures.” Frontman Andrew Neufeld brings more intensity than he has on any previous record.

Staying true to themselves, Comeback Kid provides a consistent album with fast-paced, driving songs. Unfortunately their strength is simultaneously a weakness. As the half-hour album carries on, songs like “I Depend, I Control” and “Unconditional” begin to blend together.

Even so, some songs on the album stand out due to heavier breakdowns and unique rhythmic qualities. The use of gang vocals provides another dimension to their music that most other hardcore bands fail to realize. Tracks like “Wasted Arrows” and “Should Know Better” prove this most strongly.


In a recent interview with Alternative Press, Neufeld said the album’s lyrics tried to “capture the best parts of our live show and put those elements into the album.”

The beginning of “Losing Sleep” starts off with a burst of unintelligible muttering before the punchy guitars kick in. The lyrics echo the angst already evident in the instrumentals. In “Should Know Better” Neufeld laments, “I've only made things worse today / And everyone, everything's in my way.” Internal struggle evidences itself throughout the album, but at the same time a sense of frustration against others is made clear. The unbridled anger comes out in the “Wasted Arrows” closing line: “I resented you 'cause you left me out to dry.”

With three separate tours in the next three months, Comeback Kid shows no signs of slowing down. “Die Knowing” appeals to their fanbase while capturing the energy of a live show.

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  1. Monica

    Love them! Great article! March 25, 2014

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