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Opposing Viewpoints: Can Christians be Democrats?

Liberal ideals have infected every part of our society and they are continually separating Republicans and Democrats on an ideological level. Many Christians identify with the Republican Party because of the socially conservative views that are in line with God’s laws, but this is not always the case. In today’s society, can you be a Christian and a Democrat?

Called to fight first for the gospel, not social justice

It is a Christian’s choice as to what they support when it comes to fiscal issues because the Bible isn’t clear. But when it comes to abortion and gay rights there should be no question. I have trouble reconciling Christianity and some of the Democratic party’s views, so I sat down with the president and the vice president of the Biola Democrat Club to find out why they identify with the party.

The Bible also supports giving attention to Democratic social issues such as human trafficking and immigration, but they shouldn’t be the cause closest to our hearts. We are called to be lights of the world, according to Matthew 5:14, not lights of social justice. Even for issues such as human trafficking and immigration, we are not first called to fight for them. We are called to fight for the gospel and righteousness and through that we should then support certain social justices.

Conflicting views on homosexuality

The Bible is in strong opposition to the support of gay rights and abortion. It is clear that homosexuality is a sin in Leviticus 18:22, a point with which Andrew Entzminger, president of the Democrat Club, agrees. But he thinks it is a “sin just like any other, and that the American church today makes it out to be a much bigger issue than it actually is.”

How is the church of today making it a bigger deal than God does? God hates sin, and as a sin, homosexuality should be treated with as much malice as every other sin. Just because the government has allowed sin doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel and fight for more sins to be accepted.

Entzminger said he is against abortion but in support of gay rights, saying that in a perfect world marriage ought to be left to the church, and that the government should only give out civil unions, which should be open to everyone. We don’t live in a perfect world, and to legalize gay marriage is sending a message that homosexuality is normal and accepted. “I, as a Christian, have to vote what I think fits the biblical standard,” reverend John MacArthur once said. How can a Christian support the degradation of the institution of marriage that God created?

Implications of "social Democrat" title

To be sure, there are arguments to justify being a Christian Democrat. Democrats have used the Bible to give support for their beliefs on fiscal and social issues.

“In synthesizing faith and political views, Jesus is telling us to care for others as we would want to be cared for,” Entzminger said.

Despite these arguments, it’s important to understand the implications that the title “social Democrat” will pin on you.

Supporting gay rights is supporting homosexuality; there are no two ways about it. I see it as highly unlikely to consistently fight for a cause but not support its foundation. For those that identify with the Democratic Party, but do not support gay rights or abortion, I offer this caution. It would be best to identify yourself as a fiscal Democrat, because people automatically associate the support of homosexuality and abortion with being a Democrat. As Christians, it is advisable to separate ourselves from the support of those issues.

Fighting for the legalization of a sin is fighting for the degradation of God’s law.

“As a Christian, I must take every possible approach to uphold righteousness in a society,” MacArthur said.

So to summarize, Christians can be Democrats as long as their views are rooted in fiscal beliefs and certain social issues. But in my opinion, to call yourself a Christian and yet pour your support behind issues such as gay rights and abortion, you have either allowed yourself to be pulled in by the world or you never left the world to begin with.

Opposing Viewpoints: Check back next week for part two.

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  1. John MacArthur

    I am a democrat. October 29, 2013

  2. K.

    In regard to paragraphs two and three, do you actually believe that persecuting sinners is more Christian than helping people? As both a Christian and a democrat, I disagree. Pinning your entire viewpoint on how much you hate a group of people for behaving in a way you dislike is not loving behavior.

    It's also deplorable that, in your last paragraph, you threaten democrats with not qualifying as Christians for holding different political beliefs than you do. There are a lot of things I think are fundamentally wrong with Republicanism from a Christian viewpoint (one example: the focus on accumulating as much wealth as possible in as few people as possible even if it means thousands of people go without food or medical care), but I would never tell a Republican he or she isn't Christian enough because he or she supports tax breaks for the richest people. February 3, 2014

  3. Alan

    To call yourself a fiscal Democrat is an attempt to exempt yourself for taking responsiblity in helping to destroy marriage as defined be God. Also to exempt youself from feeling any guilt for the millions of unborn children the democratic party is responsible for killing every year. There is a big difference between supporting or not supporting tax breaks and killing innocent children! May 6, 2014

  4. The Truth

    the author is correct. It is impossible to reconcile the democrat social agenda and christianity. full stop. the democrat social agenda includes things that are explicitly stated as sinful in the bible... celebrating all matter of sexual perversion, degrading the rights of christians, throttling God in the public arena, demonizing christianity while simultaneously promoting islam, etc etc.

    These folks have been swayed by the pressures and brainwashing of social acceptability. they are essentially putting cultural and social belief du jour above the immutable words of the bible. period. October 18, 2016

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