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Tranquil Tea Lounge boasts over 95 different kinds of teas

Tranquil Tea Lounge is located in Fullerton on West Wilshire Ave. | Amber Amaya/THE CHIMES

With Torrey Conference 2011 coming to a close why not practice what we learned about finding peace and rest? This week we visited Tranquil Tea Lounge, a cozy cafe located 13 minutes away in Fullerton. The area around Tranquil is just as quaint as the cafe itself and garage and street parking are available.

Tranquil vibe and quality drinks

Upon entering Tranquil you immediately feel relaxed. The chic interior combines warm wooden floors and counters with soft lighting and sets a peaceful mood for the cafe. Ambiance is obviously a priority at Tranquil but so is customer service and the commitment to quality ingredients in their products.

When we entered the cafe, we were greeted by the welcoming staff and then we proceeded to settle into the comfy couch in the corner. A friendly employee came over to us, offered us recommendations and then took our order. We decided to order the berry matcha and banana matcha smoothies. Tranquil’s menu is extensive, ranging from salads and sandwiches to homemade scones and cakes. Tranquil prides itself on using only the best ingredients for its menu including mostly organic ingredients. The star attraction, however, is Tranquil’s huge collection of over 95 specialty and organic teas. Not only does the cafe house a number of teas but they also supply tea smoothies and floats.

Good outweighs the bad

Prices at Tranquil are a little high but are incredibly reasonable given the quantity and quality of their products. Teas run about $5 and sandwiches at around $7. You can view the full menu and prices online.

A major plus of Tranquil is the artistic decor of the place, especially their wall of loose leaf tea. The cafe also has a separate private room for larger parties and the cafe itself is able to be rented out for events. We really didn’t have any negative feelings towards the cafe. If anything,a negative would be the prices but even then the ambiance, quality food and attentive staff make up for that.

Soul soothing

Tranquil is the ideal spot to spend an afternoon with friends or that homework that needs to get done. The cafe invites you in to take a break from your hectic schedule, so for that we give Tranquil Tea Lounge a 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend Biolans to make this cafe their new favorite hangout spot.

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