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Mida Sushi

Mida Sushi is located in La Habra, off Whittier Blvd. | Ashley Jones/THE CHIMES

Konichiwa! Our destination for this week is Mida Sushi. Mida Sushi is located in La Habra off of West Whittier Boulevard and is only 10 minutes away from Biola.

Quality sushi

When we first walked into Mida Sushi, we noticed the restaurant was set up like many other sushi places that we have visited before; it was relatively small and had a bar on one side of the restaurant. Even though space is limited, the long bar adds quite a few seats and if you’re not with a large group, eating next to the itamae, or sushi chef, is a fun experience.

To start, we ordered the mixed vegetable and shrimp tempura, which was $5.95. We also ordered the TNT, Alaska, spicy tuna and tempura California rolls. The four rolls we ordered are typically go-to rolls so we have high standards for them. The TNT roll was amazing, even though the base is just a California roll. The toppings of shrimp and albacore tempura were warm and crunchy; that mixed with the masago and green onion made the TNT roll superb. The Alaska and spicy tuna rolls were also great, but we noticed the spicy tuna was a little more spicy than normal.

Going with a group

What we ordered was perfect for our group of four. If you’re new to the whole sushi experience, going in a group is the best way to do it, that way you are able to try a variety of rolls and cut the cost. Also, if you are a sushi novice, make sure to take someone who is knowledgeable about sushi so you have the best experience. Our group of four only ended up paying $10 a person for four rolls and an appetizer. Mida’s sushi was very reasonable, with rolls ranging from $4 to $10.

The service at Mida is also typical of a sushi restaurant: friendly service but it takes them a little while to get to you. As long as you take a group with you, you should have fun while you wait.

The downsides to Mida are the lack of space and the extra $1 fine you pay if you spend under $10 and decide to use your credit or debit card. The upsides are the quality and variety of sushi offered.

Overall, we had a great experience at Mida Sushi. We gave Mida a 4 out of 5 stars because the sushi was delicious and not too expensive and the restaurant itself was warm and inviting.

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