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Bump-set-spike, life on the Biola volleyball team

The “Why Biola” Question

Lots of people come to Biola for the great community, others for the great Bible classes, some for the ratio, and some (like me) just because it’s in California. Senio Lindsay Dietzen came because it was her turn. With three older brothers having previously attended Biola, it was no surprise when Lindsay packed her bags and left her home in Washington state to start anew at Biola. That’s not to say she didn’t want to be here. Many of the above reasons factored in as well (except perhaps the ratio), and, of course, volleyball.

Why Volleyball?

Though she played basketball all four years of high school, Lindsay says “she enjoyed volleyball more,” and just felt more “comfortable” at the sport. However, like most students, the comfort seemed to go away just a little as she had to start as a freshman once again. Lindsay is now a senior but says she still feels like “just a freshman,” admitting that it’s a bit overwhelming being a senior that freshmen now look up to. “It’s a role you work into,” Lindsay says, adding that she had to earn her peers’ respect and the leadership role she now holds.

Seniority on and off the court

Trying to grasp every opportunity possible in her last months in college, Lindsay says it’s all about continuing to build her relationships and community. She is a communications major, but says the future is wide open and she has no solid plans. Simply living in the present is perhaps a gift few possess in today’s chaotic “I must know what I’m doing ever day this week and for the rest of my life” world. Or maybe I just think it’s a gift since I have no idea either.

The Juggling Act

Lindsay admits that she has enough to worry about now, without focusing on the future. Between volleyball, a social life, and school there is plenty to juggle. While many of us will be relaxing back home with relatives or friends, Lindsay will be doing school and preparing for volleyball nationals. She and her teammates will be in Iowa the entire week following Thanksgiving, and somewhere between the week of games, she must find time to prepare for finals. However, Lindsay seemed to be more concerned about the weather in Iowa than the chaos of volleyball and school (as I’m writing this the temperature in Iowa is in the low 20’s).

God’s handiwork

“What is one moment in life, where you knew God’s hand was working?” I love this question, because without fail everyone has a great answer. For Lindsay, it was her freshman roommates. Approaching her first semester, Lindsay had planned to room with a friend who was also going to play volleyball. At the last second it didn’t work out, but God had already been planning an alternative. Back at Biola, two freshmen (not volleyball players) had found out that they needed a third roommate since their room had been turned into a triple. As they were desperately trying to find a quick fix to their problem, a mutual friend mentioned that Lindsay needed a room. Without having met Lindsay, the two freshmen signed her name up for the triple. Needless to say, going into her freshman year, Lindsay was extremely nervous about the entire situation. Today? The three are best friends and they roomed together all through college. Lindsay said it was nothing short of God’s hand working through the entire process.

Fun Volleyball Fact

Lindsay’s position for her team is a Defensive Specialist and Libero, which is why I asked her to do this interview. You see, my sister, a senior in high school back home in Minnesota, plays the same position. So I thought she’d be the perfect person to interview. When I found out my sister was a Libero, I thought to myself “what on earth is a libero?” So, after some investigating from both athletes I discovered the answer. The short answer is “the shortest girl on the team.” But I know Lindsay and my sister probably want you to know more than that. In short, a Libero is the exception to the other players. She is the only player who is nearly always on the court, when she does sub out, does not need to “officially” do so, and coolest of all, she wears a different color shirt than the rest of the team. She is the anchor for passing, and one of the best defensive players. All in all, you may have never even heard of a Libero before now, they may be short, but you better not underestimate them.

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